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Formal Investigation

Pursuant to section 98 of the Police Act members being investigated receive progress reports which describe the investigative steps being taken.

At the completion of an investigation the member will receive a copy of the final investigation report which will include the following: a brief account of the investigative steps taken; a complete summary of the relevant evidence; a list of all witnesses interviewed by the investigating officer; a list of all records related to the investigation; and the investigating officer’s assessment of the evidence and analysis of the facts.

Within 10 days after receiving the investigative findings, the member has the right to request further investigation pursuant to section 114 of the Police Act.  The request must be in writing and contain the member’s reasons for the request and a description of further investigative steps that should be taken.  The member’s request is then assessed by the Discipline Authority pursuant to section 115 of the Police Act and a decision is made as to what further investigative steps if any are to be taken.

 If the discipline authority considers that the conduct of the member or former member appears to constitute misconduct, the discipline authority must convene a discipline proceeding or offer the member a Pre-Hearing Conference.